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How much does a boiler service cost in 2019?

Posted on 4/20/2019

A broken boiler is a real pain. A cold house and cold showers might not sound like big issues, but during the freezing winter months they can be come a real problem – especially for older or more vulnerable members of a household.

The best way to ensure that you don’t end up having to deal with one is to get your boiler serviced annually, and the summertime can be one of the most practical times to get this done.

A boiler service is a simple check up from a Gas Safe Engineer, which will make sure your boiler is in good working order and flag any problems with the individual components before they can become broken.

You can pay for a boiler service of these as a one off payment to the engineer, who comes to perform the service, or you can take out a cover policy or insurance for your boiler that includes an annual service as part of the charge.

Local Heroes customers typically paid between £75 and £100 for a boiler service, with a median - most common - price of £85.

The cost of a service will vary depending on the company you use. We are quoting prices from data we have collected from boiler servicing jobs carried out by Local Heroes tradespeople but other companies may offer different prices.

Local Heroes regularly reviews and publishes prices for common jobs as part of our Press & Media Centre. Between August 2017 and April 20191, customers paid on average between £75 and £100 for a boiler service, with a median - most common - price of £85.

The price was taken from data of over 2,500 boiler services carried out across the UK. The range in prices is primarily due to the time of day, the area of the country and the model of boiler.

1 Updated April 2019

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