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Take care of your home with a maintenance checklist

Posted on 4/1/2020

We all love our homes and want them to be in the best shape possible, but busy lives make it easy to let things slip and lose track of what bits need attention. A maintenance checklist is the perfect solution that can help you keep on top of your home throughout the year by tackling different jobs as the seasons come and go.

If you’ve got no idea where to start with a checklist, don’t worry! We’ve put this one together for you:

Monthly essentials

Before we get to the seasons, here are some tips that are best done monthly. Try setting aside one day a month (perhaps a lazy Sunday) to get these little jobs done:

  • Check boiler pressure
  • Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Remove fluff from your tumble dryer
  • Top up salt and rinse aid in your dishwasher
  • Check your gas and electric meter reading to avoid unexpected bills
  • Do a little garden maintenance (weather permitting)

Tackling tasks like these go a long way when it comes to preventing general problems and keeping your home in good shape.


It’s not called ‘spring cleaning’ for nothing!

As the days start to feel a little longer and the sun begins to show, it’s worth checking to see how well your house has endured the winter weather.

Check your outside drains

The heavy rain throughout the winter has probably put them to the test, so make sure they’re clear and draining properly.

Check exterior for chipped paint

All the frost and rain can take its toll on paint, so take a day to scan every inch of the exterior of your home and touch up any bits looking shabby.

Check double gazed windows

Years of condensation caused by having the heating on over the winter can cause the seal around your windows to let in moisture. Pop around your home and check the seal on all your double-glazed windows, looking for mould and condensation starting at the corners. Replacing any old sealing could prevent expensive replacement job.

Having the central heating on throughout the winter over the years can cause the seal around your windows to let in moisture. Inspect the sealant for mould and condensation

Get rid of dead plants & de-weed

A general spruce-up in the garden can make improve the overall look of your home and prevent bigger problems that weeds can cause underneath concrete or stone.


Make the most of the warm weather and longer days by tidying up the exterior of your home and some of its outdoor features.

Refresh your garden furniture

Clean up tables chairs and BBQ’s or repaint them if they’re looking shabby.

Clean patios and jet wash decking

Getting rid of the grime that your patio and decking has taken on during the colder months can help them to last longer.

Refresh external woodwork

Spending one day cleaning and painting fences, window frames and doors can hugely improve the general look of your home.

Trim any climbing plants

Prevent them from growing across windows or guttering and becoming a nuisance.

Use the warm weather to air dry washed duvets, pillows and curtains and prevent them from dampening any rooms inside

Wash and dry your duvets, pillows and curtains

Use the warm weather to air dry them and prevent them from dampening any rooms inside. Plus, air-dried linen smells and feels extra fresh!


As summer says its goodbyes, make preparations for the cold weather that’s soon to set in.

Check flat roofs for damage and puddles

Finding draining problems like this could save you from serious problems further down the line as the rainy months approach.

Bleed radiators

Bleeding your radiators can help make sure your heating system is ready to work efficiently and effectively in the coming cold months.

Clean and store away your garden furniture

You won’t be using them, so it’s best to keep them from mother nature during the coming months.

Clear leaves from gutters and drainage holes

Keep an eye on them as they fall to make sure they don’t cause clogging.

Insulate outdoor pipes and taps

This is to keep them freezing and bursting over winter. If you’re unsure of what this means, contact a plumber who can help you get the job done.

Test outdoor security lights and locks on garages and sheds

Test outdoor security lights and make sure sheds and outhouses are locked

With the long, dark nights creeping in, it’s best to be safe.

Make sure to seal up any cracks in your driveway

This is to prevent water from freezing in them and potentially expanding them.


Keep your property safe and avoid household problems worsening during the wet and windy winter weather.

Cut heavy and potentially dangerous branches

A big pruning job could help you to avoid big branches breaking off in strong winds.

Prevent damp by opening windows

Try to air out the house regularly by opening the windows for a few hours on dry days.

Wipe away condensation from wooden window frames

This will prevent them from rotting and needing to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Open windows on dry days to help prevent damp problems in the wetter months

Check external pipes for leaks

Especially after particularly cold day because any frozen water inside could have expanded and caused new cracks or leaks.

Tie down big items in the garden like trampolines

This is to prevent them from flying away and breaking anything nearby like a window or a fence.

Check for loose screws around the home

Make the most of a rainy day and go around the house with a screwdriver, tightening any handles or knobs. It might not seem that important but a fixing a wobbly handle is a job that can be put off for years.

Replace sealant around sinks, baths and showers

If black mould is starting to appear, then replace the sealant to prevent leaking.

Unscrew showerheads and clean out any sediment build-up

This will prolong its life and improve the water pressure, too.

Helpful housework jobs to do once every six months

Give your house a deep clean

Use a lazy Sunday once every six months to assign each member of your family a few chores. Clean every surface, all your appliances and your windows and dust every nook and cranny. Keeping things clean without letting them degrade over time means you need to repair and replace them less often.

Vacuum your refrigerator coils

This may seem strange, but this is a hidden tip from the world of fridge repair. A fridge can use up to 15% of a home’s total power, so it makes sense to keep it running as efficiently as possible. If a refrigerator’s coils get dirty, it requires more energy to run, so by vacuuming them you can save a lot on energy throughout the year.

While going through your maintenance checklist you might find that you need the help of a local handyman. If you find yourself confused about how to bleed a radiator, or facing a huge paint job that you need a hand with, why not get in touch with a Local Hero?

They’re local, vetted by us and can pop over in no time to give you a free quote on whatever job you need doing.

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