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The best way to cover wallpaper with paint

Posted on 6/5/2019

Welcome to our handy guide for painting over wallpaper. We’re going to talk you through the four steps to effectively covering wallpaper with a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Preparation

    First, you’re going to need to prep the walls. You want your walls to be both clean and smooth, so you’re going to have two tasks here.

    Start by checking the wall for any places where the paper has come loose, and making sure you stick those stray parts down.

    Check for places the paper has come loose from the wall and be sure to firmly reattach

    Then, mix together a mild detergent wash with lukewarm water and gently wash the walls down. Leave them to dry out and you’re ready for the next step.

  2. Undercoating

    The type of undercoat you need to apply depends on the wallpaper type you’re covering. If you’re in doubt you can always ask at your local paint or hardware store, as they’ll be able to offer expert advice.

    A multi-surface primer will help paint stick to the wall if you have vinyl wallpaper

    We suggest a multi-surface primer if you have vinyl wallpaper, which will help the paint stick to the surface. Or a generic basecoat for strong colours or patterns ¬– which will help prevent them from showing through the new layer of paint.

  3. Cutting in

    With your basecoat down you’re ready for step three: cutting in. Cutting in is the term giving to painting the edges of the room – so around the skirting board and door frames.

    Place your brush along the edge and, as the name suggests, cut in with a single stroke. Repeat until the edges are covered.

  4. Rolling

    Then you can begin the final step, which is to paint the room with a roller. Grab your roller, grab your paint and cover the walls, being careful not to splash the edges of the room, which you’ve already covered. Repeat this step if needed, and then enjoy your newly painted room.

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