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What happens during a boiler installation?

Posted on 5/4/2020

You’re having a new boiler installed – brilliant! Steaming hot water and a warm home are just a day or two away. So how can you prepare for it?

What to do before the installation

You’ll need to clear the areas around your current boiler and radiators so your engineer can access them. And you’ll also need to clear a path in and out of your front and back doors.

Your engineer will always be as tidy as possible but work areas can still get messy. So it’s wise to put down cardboard or carpet protectors, and cover furniture with dust sheets.

Move anything valuable or breakable to a safe area – imagine you’re having a house party.

Lots of old boiler parts will need to be removed, so let your engineer know where to put them.

How long does it take?

If you’re having a fairly simple installation (for example replacing one combi boiler with another) it might only take a day, so your home could be back to normal straight away. But if you’re having additional work on your radiators and pipes, this could add one or two days.

What do I need to do on the day?

It’s best to keep out of the engineer’s way as much as possible – they’ll want to work freely and undisturbed. If you’re at work, make sure they can contact you quickly if they need to.

If you’re working from home, you’ll need to find a quiet room to work in as the engineer will be in and out all day. And there’s likely to be drilling and other noise.

Other things to know

  • For short periods there may be no water available from your taps – so have some bottled water ready
  • The engineer may need access to hidden pipework or electrics – which could mean removing boxing or lifting floorboards
  • Keep any pets well out of the way during the installation

What happens to my old boiler?

In order to safely remove an old boiler, a tradesperson must have a waste carrier licence; this will depend on the tradesperson. Find out whether your tradesperson has the appropriate licence and, if so, be sure to mention removal at the time of booking your tradesperson.

If they don't have a waste carrier licence, you will need to arrange removal separately.

Getting to know your new boiler

Ask your engineer to explain how to use your new boiler and thermostat in person. Ask as many questions as you like. You’ll also get an instruction manual to refer back to.

I’d like a Local Hero to install my new boiler

Great! Before the installation, our Hero will do a survey, either in person or over the phone/video call to decide what parts are required for the installation, how long it’s likely to take, and the best type of boiler for your home. This usually takes about an hour. We’ll then give you your quote.

Find a new boiler with Local Heroes or book your boiler installation.

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