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What’s the best sink unblocker?

Posted on 6/1/2019

When it comes to unblocking a sink there are a number of different options, and we wouldn’t want to say any one is particularly better than any of the others. The effectiveness of each method really depends on what’s causing the block, what materials you have to hand and how much time you want to spend on the problem.

The classic plunger

More normally you’d associate a plunger with unclogging a toilet, but they can be effective for sinks too if the blockage is fairly high up. Place it firmly down over the plug hole and gentle pump it to create suction – and you may be able to drag up whatever is causing the clog.

Soda and vinegar

Both baking soda and bicarbonate of soda can be paired with white vinegar and hot water to help dissolve blockages and clogs. Pour a small amount of the soda down your plug, followed by boiling water. Wait a brief period of time and then pour down the vinegar and more hot water.

Both baking soda and bicarbonate of soda can be paired with white vinegar and hot water to help dissolve blockages and clogs.

Again, wait a while to let it work, and then after about 15 minutes pour more hot water down to flush the dissolved blockage out of the pipes.

Soap and hot water

You can try to get rid of a blockage by using liquid soap and hot water. This works by providing gentle lubrication that hopefully will encourage the blockage to loosen up and flush away. Simply pour the soap down your plughole, and follow up with hot water to flush the clog away.

Whenever you pour hot water, try and do it from a slight height if you can. This adds extra momentum to the water, and that power can also help move the blockage along.

Commercially available products

Pop to your local supermarket or hardware store and you’ll find plenty of products to unblock drains readily available. These all work quite well, and generally you just pour them down, wait, and flush through with hot water.

Of course it’s best to check the instructions of whatever unblocker you buy before you use it.

Especially stubborn blockages may just require some old fashioned elbow grease

A bit of DIY

For really stubborn blocks you can try rolling your sleeves up and doing a bit of DIY. You’ll need to unscrew the u-bend underneath your sink with a wrench, which should give you access to remove the clog by hand.

Just make sure you’re wearing rubber gloves!

There’s always us

If none of the above have proved successful, you can always come to Local Heroes and get a tradesperson in to have a look at what’s causing the block, and how to fix it. And, as always, we’ll have checked that tradesperson ourselves to make sure they are of the highest quality possible.

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