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The best plumbing jobs

Posted on 2/10/2019

We love to give you guys tips and guidance on how you can tackle plumbing jobs yourself. But the truth is that undertaking plumbing work on your own can easily go wrong, and if it does that’s going to be expensive – and potentially very damaging to your property.

That’s why we always suggest that if in doubt you should use a professional. And you can easily book them through Local Heroes, knowing that we personally vet every single tradesman listed on there.

Here are some of the jobs where it’s better to call a plumber than take any risks.

No hot water

Generally, if your hot water isn’t working, the problem depends on how your water is heated. It could be that the entire system is malfunctioning, or it could be individual component parts are playing up.

In either scenario, it’s always better to get a plumber or a heating technician out. And if you have a gas boiler you’ll want to be sure that whoever you call is on the Gas Safe Register (like all Local Heroes heating engineers are!).

Burst pipes

Now, this should go without saying – but if a pipe has burst and is flooding your house or causing water damage to your ceilings and walls, then you need to call a plumber as soon as possible.

But the same advice applies even for hairline fractures or less aggressive leakages, because the longer you spend trying to find the source or fixing it yourself, the longer the time where the water can soak into the fabric of your home.

There is a high chance pouring hot water down the sink will not clear a severe blockage

Blocked pipes

If you think you’ve got something clogging your pipes, it can be very tempting to try and sort it yourself. And while pouring hot water down the sink can sometimes help, the chances are it won’t clear a severe blockage.

A professional plumber or drainage engineer will be able to identify where the blockage is, and safely remove it without damaging your pipes or your home. And, crucially, they’ll be able to put the pipes back together again afterwards!

Low pressure

There’s nothing more annoying than a tap or a shower that suddenly stops working properly – but working out exactly why it isn’t functioning is deceptively tricky. Again, call a pro and let them handle it. They’ll know what to look for, where to look for it and how to fix it.


If you’re having something installed. Redecorating the bathroom and having a new sink put in? Or maybe upgrading the tub itself? Always get a professional to handle the installation for you. No matter how easy the YouTube tutorials might make it seem there’s a lot that can go wrong. And you don’t want to be paying for water damage and a reinstallation, do you?

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