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What to do before you call a plumber

Posted on 8/7/2018

If your pipes are playing up and you’re thinking of calling out a plumber – read this handy guide first. We’ve put together this quick list of things you should do before calling out the plumber, so you can make sure things go swimmingly and avoid any unnecessary waterworks.

Obviously if you have a very apparent emergency, a severely burst pipe or excessive flooding for example, call a plumber out straight away. But if the problem isn’t as urgent, read on.

Can you DIY?

Before you make a costly call to get a professional out, it’s worth seeing if you can take care of the problem yourself. Clogs and blockages in pipes can generally be sorted with a bit of DIY and good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Most types of clogs and blockages can be resolved without the need for a professional plumber

If your toilet is blocked - or your kitchen or bathroom sink - try pouring hot water down it, as this can often help take care of a blockage. Generally, the heat should help to dissolve whatever is causing the stoppage. For a little extra, you can pour the water from a slight height, which adds to the force of the water when it hits the clog.

If hot water alone hasn’t done the job there are many available products that can aid the removal of clogs. Pour a healthy dose of unblocker down your toilet – or plug hole – leave it for around 15 minutes and then pour warm water in after it, flushing if required. If you don’t fancy buying an unblocker straight away you can try pouring washing up liquid down, which can help provide gentle lubrication for clogs.


If you haven’t managed to take care of the issue yourself then there are still a couple of quick steps before calling the plumber. First, determine how urgent the problem is. Plumbers can charge extra for emergency call outs or call outs that occur outside normal working hours. So if you think you can survive for a while before the plumber comes it may well be worth the wait to save some money.

If the issue isn't urgent, you can save money by waiting to call a plumber in regular working hours


You can also take the time to make sure the work area is as clean and clear as possible. This doesn’t take long and can make a world of difference for a plumber, especially if they need to be working in a cluttered utility room or garage.

Finally, always make sure your plumber is properly qualified and insured. If you’re in any doubt you can always rely on Local Heroes; if you book a plumber through us you can rest easy knowing we’ve personally checked and vetted all tradespeople and guarantee their work.

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