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5 things you NEED to know about your home

Posted on 7/10/2018

As a homeowner there’s an almost endless list of things to keep on top of and be aware of. We’ve distilled that in to our top five most important things that we think you should know.

Where your stopcock is

Your stopcock is the off switch for all the water in your home, and if you have a plumbing emergency like a burst pipe you’ll definitely need to know where to find it. We’ve written about finding your stopcock here.

Where the gas main are

Gas leaks can be catastrophic, so it is important in any home to know what appliances use gas, where the mains are and how to switch your gas off in emergencies.

Where to find the fuse box

This might sound obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people don’t look for their fuse box until it’s been tripped – and depending on the time of day, you might find yourself in total darkness. Make sure you that you look for yours while you can make use of the light.

Where your meters are

Smart homeowners will be checking their meters regularly, to make sure they are being charged a fair amount each month. And to do that – you need to know where they are. Make sure you find yours, and check your monthly usage of water, electricity and gas.

How old your house is

Finally, we think everyone should know how old their home is. Knowing the approximate age of your property is important because it helps you assess what kind of upgrades might be required, how heat and energy efficient your property may be and what materials are likely to have been used when building it.

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