Who we are

Local Heroes is a separate business unit that has been set up by British Gas to redefine the way that trade related jobs are done around the home.

We’re a mix of people from world class consumer internet companies and experts from within British Gas that understand great online experiences and what’s involved in completing professional trade related jobs inside peoples homes.

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Why we’re doing this
For homeowners

It can be difficult and sometimes stressful to get jobs done around the home, to find a tradesperson that will:

  • Do a good job
  • Charge a fair price
  • Be friendly
  • is available at a time that’s convenient for them
For tradespeople

It can be difficult to:

  • Find a steady stream of good quality work to fill spare slots or to grow their business
  • Manage their time and parts
  • Get good discounts on parts, tools and services
  • Manage paperwork and marketing

Click here for more information about Local Heroes on the British Gas website.